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Yoshioka Tatsuya – Peaceboat NGO founder

The other day (quite a while ago now – I’ve been a bit slack with the blog lately), I had the pleasure of photographing Yoshioka Tatsuya, who is the founder and top man at the NGO Peaceboat.  This was a particular pleasure for me to photograph as I had joined on a week long volunteer program organized by Peaceboat in May and had Yoshioka-san give us an inspirational speech on the last day.  He’s a very eloquent, passionate man in both English and Japanese and it’s evident that he cares very much about helping his compatriots up north in Japan.

So without and further ado here’s the portrait:

Tokyo Photographer Irwin Wong - Editorial Photographer

For people interested in the how and the where, I photographed him in the usual conference/meeting room which thankfully had bare white walls. I used a Nikon SB-900 in an Orbis ring flash for the main light , another Nikon SB-80DX with the snoot far camera right, and another Nikon SB80DX in a short snoot camera left for the rim light.  I hope I managed to capture his strong resolve to help people and move forward despite adversity.  NGOs are still taking volunteers to help clean up Tohoku, which stills need a lot of assistance, so check them out if you want to volunteer.

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