Tokyo Travel Photography – Hoshino Resort for American Airlines

Recently I had the great pleasure of being able to photograph Hoshino Resort Tokyo for American Airlines business class mag, Celebrated Living. One of my images made it to the cover as well, which is always super exciting!

In many ways it was an extremely pleasurable photoshoot, not only because Hoshinoya Resort Tokyo is one of the most high end luxury accommodations in a city known for its amazing hospitality, but also because the staff on hand at the hotel were so incredibly warm, welcoming and friendly towards me. I honestly felt like a paying guest the whole time I was there, as they were so generous in listening to my requests and trying everything to make sure I could get the best shots possible. Not only that but they fed me (simply amazing food), and I was offered the use of their exquisite rooftop hot spring (which was tempting but I decided to work through the day).

At the end of the long, 12+ hour day I left the hotel feeling more uplifted and energized than when I arrived, which is an amazing feat given I tend towards curmudgeonly at the drop of a hat. Hoteliers take note – this is how hospitality should work.

Given that a room in Hoshinoya Tokyo is over $1000 a night, it’s not exactly somewhere I can recommend to everyone, but if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience and have some spare cash lying around, I cannot praise this place and its staff enough.

Here are some outtakes from the shoot, which I did using a Hasselblad H5D-40 and Sony A7rII.