Tokyo Portraits: Maezawa Yusaku again

Ever since I photographed portraits of Tokyo billionaire Maezawa Yusaku 2 years ago for his record breaking purchase of a Basquiat, he’s had a hard time staying out of local and international news as an example of an unconventional CEO. Most recently he took to Twitter and told all and sundry that he would give 100 random retweeters one million yen (equivalent to about 10,000 US) each – prompting it to become the most retweeted tweet in history, predictably. Just like anything popular on the Internet it sparked a bit of backlash, with some commentators saying he was only doing it for attention and to lord his cash over everyone, however his response was pretty notable – ‘I didn’t make all this money by myself, rather I did it with the help of a lot of people. So rather than hoarding the money for myself I thought it would be good to spread it around and put it back into the economy’

These portraits were from the third sitting I’ve had with him – he seems bemused that I always show up at his apartment whenever there’s an article in the foreign press about him. Shot for The Times Magazine last year.