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The Wedding

After two months and and lot of work, it’s finally here!!  This is the ‘save the date’ for the wedding Asuka and I are planning for next year. Enjoy it!! (Sorry about the sound! Trying to fix that and will re-upload later)

Right – well I’ve gotta go to a shoot now but here’s the video for now.  There’s a ton more stuff to come later.


Ok, back from my shoot!

Going to put up the rest of the material that we gathered during the two day shoot – putting all of this together and getting it done was probably the most challenging and rewarding experience I’ve ever had.  Firstly I have to give a big shout out to the people at Ginichi and Profoto Japan for graciously helping out with providing the ProDaylight setup and the Steadicam Pilot – both really awesome pieces of kit that really made the shooting easier. Also, I once again have to say a big thank you to all involved in helping to make this project a reality – it was a tough two days of shooting and a lot of on-the-job-learning but none of this would have been possible without the dedication and selflessness of all involved.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Coming soon!!

Irwin – Irwin Wong (
Asuka – Asuka Kataoka
Villain #1 – Bellamy Hunt (
Villain #2 – P-Jay Wyche (
Villain #3 – Barry Ellery (
Friend #1 – Johan Kristensson
Friend #2 – Romy Davenport
Fleeing couple #1 – Mijonju Jones
Fleeing couple #2 – Maiko Mita

Written / Directed by Irwin Wong
Camera A / Steadicam Operator: Will Adams
Camera B: Mijonju Jones (
Makeup / Special effects: Maiko Mita (
Boom Operator: Romy Davenport
Lighting: Irwin Wong
Location Coordinator: Takuya Imura

Special Thanks:
Arato Ogura, Katsu Kawahara, Ginichi (, Profoto Japan (, John McCracken (for the awesome munitions), Nori Tohyama (for the badass Porsche)

Here are some of the behind the scenes shots – photographed by the awesome Barry Ellery and P-Jay Wyche.

Mijonju checking the Zacuto rig.

Production stills of the Wedding, lit by Profoto Pro Daylight 800s

Romy, our fearless boom operator. Sennheiser shotgun mic and Fostex mixer

Production still of The Wedding - almost ready to shoot

Changing out ND filters in the Chrosziel matte box - The Wedding

Production stills of The Wedding

Behind the scenes fun - The Wedding

Changing out ND filters in the Chrosziel matte box - The Wedding

Behind the scenes fun - Asuka looking great,

Will rocking the Steadicam pilot - The Wedding

Filming - Asuka, Irwin, Will, Steadicam Pilot

Irwin Wong, Mijonju Jones, Zacuto rig, behind the scenes of the Wedding

Aaaand Action - Barry Ellery on the clapperboard

Asuka Kataoka, ProDaylight 800

More behind the scenes fun - Barry Ellery, The Wedding

Ready to go - Romy Davenport, Asuka Kataoka, Irwin Wong - The wedding

The Wedding - checking framing

Johan Kristensson, Romy Davenport - The Wedding

Checking lines - The Weddin

Production stills - Johan Kristensson and Maiko Mita - The Wedding


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