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Street Photography For Shiseido

Early last year I was very lucky to do a quick gig with Japanese makeup giant Shiseido for their online global content. The job itself had very little to do with makeup – in fact the shoot was more about capturing the feel of Tokyo’s most upscale neighborhood Ginza. It was an absolute delight to spend a chilly but sunny February afternoon people watching and shooting photos on my Leica, and for a great company no less. Because it was to be used for promotional purposes on the web, the brief stipulated that no faces were to be recognizable, a no easy feat on a crowded Sunday afternoon but a fun limitation to shoot around. Here is the link to the finished article on the web: I thought I’d post up a selection of my personal favorites photos from the afternoon including ones that weren’t used.

The social media network thingy

So much social media, so little time. There are far too many ways to ‘reach out’ to your audience these days, that it’s difficult to choose between them all. ¬†Either way, I’ve decided to adopt myself a Tumblr blog, as kind of an informal place to stick the photos that don’t really have a home on the professional side of the websites. As I only use this blog to showcase the work I do professionally, this ‘photo-diary’ style site has been a long time in coming. Here I’ll be posting any photo that particularly tickles my fancy or otherwise shows what I’ve been up to outside of work. Also in keeping with the whole RB thing (which I think stands for ReBlogging – I only just found this out), I’ll be putting videos from other creatives that I personally like up on the site. There are still a few issues with the theme (ie; it doesn’t work properly yet) and I’m planning to add a bit more functionality to it as time goes, such as …