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Prepare for salaryman-inspired glory!

Bought an iPad recently. Got it in australia without realizing that Japan has a rather insular policy regarding the distribution of SIM cards. So after a bit of back-and-forth buggery with several of Softbank’s smug staff, I had to resort to slightly illicit means to get my iPad hooked up to 3G and functioning at full capacity. Nothing totally illegal but let’s just say that I had to don my Ed Gein hat and a poor docomo SIM had several bits amputated to fit into my iPad. Now it’s working and I couldn’t be happier. How useful is it? Well, I’m writing and composing this post from my hotel room outside the beach at Enoshima and after this I’m probably going to read the latest China Mieville novel on it before it gives me a foot massage and a cooks me a nice lobster bisque. Pretty useful.

One person who probably won’t be caught without his iPad is Hiro the Salaryman King, soon to star in his debut autobiographical movie 300 yen (movie poster below).

This is the first (and hopefully not last ) in a series of satirical movie posters that I’m planning to do, each one politely taking the piss out of bits of Japanese culture that I find amusing. And, just so you don’t feel like your money is being squandered away, here’s a completely free, no strings attached, complimentary no-questions-asked making-of video, yours for the taking, just my way of saying thank you. Actually, it’s my way of having fun, doing something creative and hopefully teaching you guys something new. Many thanks to Yuto Watanabe for helping me without the shoot, videoing and editing- he definitely was a big part of getting this video out. Thanks also to and Gin-ichi studio shop. The making-of video ended being an hour long, with a sizable photoshop section, but I hope you enjoy it!


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