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Playstation VR Portraits

With Tokyo Game Show coming up this weekend I’d like to introduce some portraits I shot for the wonderful folks at Polygon, one of the world’s top websites dedicated to video game journalism.

The article that these photos accompanied was about the long road of development of Playstation VR – the virtual reality headset for – you guessed it – the Playstation soon to be released around the world. The article itself is very in-depth and definitely worth a read; you can check it out on the Polygon website here:

For my part – I was glad to meet Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment (that’s basically responsible for making the Playstations that I have frittered away so many hours of my life on), and although we were required to shoot all of the photos in the Sony Interactive Entertainment offices, I think I managed to get something interesting out of each portrait I made.

Here’s Shuhei Yoshida with the headset.


And of course we had to photograph him with it on. For those wondering, he’s standing in front of a white wall – I used a grid with a very strong cinema blue gel on his face coupled with a custom white balance to get this effect.


Here’s Masayasu Ito, chief engineer behind the project.

Hardware director Yasuo Takahashi

Game designer Nicholas Doucet. I do like a good slow-shutter light streak photo.


That’s it for today! I’ll post more when I have another stretch of free time, sooo maybe in 6 months? See you then!