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It’s…The Year of The Pig!

Happy New Year from this Tokyo photographer!

As is tradition I make a New Year’s Poster based on the Chinese Zodiac with some of my good friends. 2019 is the Year of the Pig, and last year I didn’t manage to get out to enough movies to watch anything super inspirational for the poster, but I did manage to binge the whole series of Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix while I was on business trips in my hotel rooms, and I loved it. This year’s poster is (very loosely) based on that series and features four eco-warriors (top: Drone Pilot/Photographer Hamish Campbell, right: Fashion Creator Yuka, bottom: My Wife Asuka and left: Makeup Artist Maiko Mita) set against industry, greed and environmental destruction, as represented by the pig general at the very top; me.

Credit must go to Yuka, who did an absolutely incredible job of coordinating these amazing costumes out of flea market goods. Maiko as usual did a stellar job of turning me into a menacing deformed pig, and thanks to Hamish for stepping behind the camera when it was my turn to be photographed, as well as letting me use his house in order to photograph all the ice, stone and wind elements that were needed. Of course, I couldn’t do anything of this without the support of my amazing and beautiful wife, who was 9 months pregnant at the time that we photographed this poster. We’re still waiting for the baby to pop, but it’s not going to be hard to imagine that 2019 will be a busy one. Hopefully it will also be a productive one!