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He loves the lamentations of the auditors

My latest movie poster parody featuring random salary men from Tokyo!  For the other ones in the series (and even a making-of video!) check here and here.

As you can see this poster is based on the 1982 movie Conan the Barbarian, which to me is an immensely enjoyable film, and I’m happy to be able to spoof it in this way.

Scroll down for a very brief overview of how it was lit and put together.

Tokyo Photographer Irwin Wong Salarymen Parodies

So, here’s the original shot I had to work with – as you can see due to my lack of a studio I was forced to shoot it in a nearby park.

Tokyo Photographer Irwin Wong | Behind the scenes

Here’s the breakdown of the lighting:

Light A and B were both Profoto  1D Airs, with no modifiers. Since they already come with that nice frosted glass covering over the flash tube they give off a nice quality of light even without the extra diffusion. On the left side of light B I had taped a small gobo just to control the spread of light enough so that it didn’t splash onto the male model.  Light C was an SB unit with a short snoot, and was boomed in by an assistant just to give Akiko’s hair a little bit of a shine.  Pretty simple right?

The apocalyptic manila folders were shot at home as you can see from the shot below, and then dropped into the final image during editing.

Tokyo Photographer Irwin Wong | Behind the scenes

Well that’s about it, be sure to hit me up in the comments with thoughts and/or suggestions, and if there are any movies that you think I should spoof, let me know! Thanks a lot to Takumi and Akiko for being patient and awesome models, and also big thanks to David Li for helping with the fire and title illustrations – he’s a totally kickass illustrator and you can see more of his stuff here.

More coming soon!

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