Finally – The Last Sentoshi has arrived

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Well, I’ve been promoted the living shit out of it for the last week or so, and here it is finally: the official release of “The Last Sentoshi”.

What is this? If you like photography and you like anime or superheroes, you might like this movie.

Why’d I do this? I dunno! But I really had a blast making it. I really have to thank Nissin Digital Japan (they make strobes) for actually having the balls to do something like this. They had my back every step of the way and really helped out on the production side of things. Not a lot of companies, especially in Japan, are quite so willing to put their trust in someone so untested such as myself. I also have to really thank the entire cast and crew for all of their own time they put in over our manic 3 day shoot. I’ll be writing up about the process of getting this project off the ground in future blog posts, as I really stepped out of my comfort zone for this project and as a result learnt a lot.

As for the AIR remote, it’s a wireless transceiver for their D700i strobe, and it’s really good. But promoting it isn’t the point of the movie. You’ll notice there are other camera/film/flash brands making their appearance here, not to mention the Nissin logo only makes an appearance for less than a second. That’s a testament to how much creative control the folks at Nissin surrendered to me, and how dedicated they were to making something good and entertaining, rather than a glorified ad for their new product.

By way of explanation, ‘Sentoshi’ is the pronunciation of “閃闘士”, which is a fictional term. Breaking down the Japanese characters we have 「閃」”sen”, which means flash, and 「闘士」”toshi” which means warrior. So Sentoshi = Flash Warrior, which didn’t sound very cool so I kept the title in its original Japanese. Hope that makes sense! Suggestions for a cool translation of ‘Sentoshi’ are super welcome!

Here are the English- subtitled versions and the straight Japanese versions. We worked really hard on it so I hope you enjoy it!

The trailer is here.