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The Wedding – blooper reel

Well, I put together a short blooper reel for The Wedding, so I hope you enjoy it. What’s depressing is that I realized just how bad I am at speaking into a camera – I could have had a whole separate blooper reel for the number of times I messed up. Either way, here it is, hope you get a few laughs out of it!

The Wedding

After two months and and lot of work, it’s finally here!!  This is the ‘save the date’ for the wedding Asuka and I are planning for next year. Enjoy it!! (Sorry about the sound! Trying to fix that and will re-upload later) Right – well I’ve gotta go to a shoot now but here’s the video for now.  There’s a ton more stuff to come later. *Update* Ok, back from my shoot! Going to put up the rest of the material that we gathered during the two day shoot – putting all of this together and getting it done was probably the most challenging and rewarding experience I’ve ever had.  Firstly I have to give a big shout out to the people at Ginichi and Profoto Japan for graciously helping out with providing the ProDaylight setup and the Steadicam Pilot – both really awesome pieces of kit that really made the shooting easier. Also, I once again have to say a big thank you to all involved in helping to make this project a reality …


Photobook manufacturers Memomiio recently contacted me to make several books for their showcase.  Seeing as I’d just finished shooting a wedding for a couple in Melbourne I decided to make two types of books; a wedding photo book for that side of my business, and a portrait portfolio for the editorial/commercial side of my business. Here’s the finished product for the wedding album, and I have to say I’m really impressed with the binding and print quality.  The best parts are the thick photo-board style pages and the lay-flat binding which makes designing two page spreads really satisfying. The one pictured below is 40x30cm and super heavy (about 3kgs). Gotta say I’m loving the quality though. Which brings me to a fairly cool announcement – the first 10 couples who hire me for engagement/wedding photography get 25% off any album they order, which, I have to say, is huge. They start at around 30,000 for the 20 page 40x30cm book (the one pictured below is 40 pages). So if you’re getting married anytime soon in …