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The Gamblers

I FINALLY managed to find time to do a shoot for myself recently, as I am in need for some recent personal work that can potentially fill my portfolio. If you’re a working photog, *never* underestimate the power of putting a bit of money into a personal shoot in your own time. There is no way that it can look bad in the eyes of the art directors and photo editors who see the effort you put into your personal work.   If you’re not a working photog and are aiming to build a portfolio for a possible jump into the pro photographer’s world, then you have no excuse not to have plenty of portfolio-fillers from personal shoots – you shoot for yourself all the time anyway! So get out there, organize a shoot and fill that portfolio up.  Chase Jarvis really says it well in his ‘Consequences of Creativity’ video, so go ahead and give that a look. For this shoot I was very lucky to have access to my mate Koji’s bar Rhythm …

It ain’t all just about work…

Sometimes you gotta get out of the house and do something fun.  Experiment. Shoot something for yourself. It’s good to remind myself that photography is still a creative pursuit for me and not just a way to pay bills.  Went down to the beach with Johan and Leiah.  Tried a bunch of styles with a bunch of different setups. Big lights and small lights, no lights.  Flexed those creative muscles for a change. Tons of fun, and made me wish I had more time to do it.  Looking forward to doing a lot more stuff for myself soon. More later!          


Photos for a design/t-shirt company that commissioned me earlier this year – check out their site here: Always nice to go down to the beach with a beautiful lady and shoot photos 😉 Lighting wise this is mostly all natural light, with maybe a bit of fill thrown in for the last shot (sorry strobists).                

Summer shootin’, had me a blaaast…

This post is a bit late in coming, but oh well. Took me, two hot models and a bunch of students down to Onjuku beach for some interesting beach workshop shenanigans last month. Onjuku beach is about two and a half hours from Tokyo by car and is probably the only beach within that range worth traveling to. Here’s some photos that I managed to sneak in as I was demonstrating for the class.          

The Importance of Having Watt-Seconds

One of my biggest concerns with my speedlighting kit is whether I’ll have enough flash power to make a dent in broad daylight. Of course, using large lights is always an option but not always feasible unless you have a gimp to carry around several battery packs and heads. So when someone suggested we do a couple of shots into the high 2pm afternoon sun, I looked at my two speedlights and knew it wasn’t going to work.  Of course, I didn’t figure on the small armada of Nikon speedlights the students had brought with them, which in total added up to 6 or 7, I can’t remember. What followed was a small debacle that ended up with a forest of tripods and lightstands divided into two groups. The strobes were ganged up to overpower the bright midday sun and it was enough to beat down the daylight enough to get a dramatic mood going. This really demonstrates the importance of having enough flash power, as a shot like this wouldn’t have been possible with …

Marissa @ abandoned train yard

Some shots from the weekend. Sorry for the late update guys, but things have been getting busier. This is Marissa – and as is fairly evident she does a great job modeling. The location was the industrial complex at Ougimachi, where there was an excellent section of unused train track for shooting. At least, we were hoping it was unused – no one ended up under a train so that was a good thing.        


Some shots from a workshop held *aaaages* ago at Tokyo’s Komazawa Park with the lovely Jenny.  Took ages to actually getting around to editing them!  Anyway, Jenny was stunning, as were the students as usual.  I should be worried about how good they’re getting – I’m training up photographers who’ll soon be able to take my job.  It’s all good though – we all have a ball and learn a lot about shooting. for info on upcoming photo workshops in Tokyo.      

Teva and Gen – Workshop

Big thanks to all who attended the session on Sunday!  As is always the case it’s the models and the students who provide the most creative energy, with me just sitting around in the background fiddling with lights.  Occasionally I do get to take the odd shot though, and here’s a couple from the workshop. Here’s a shot of first-time model Teva – you wouldn’t believe it was her first time in front of a camera, would you? Very difficult to concentrate looking through a lens when you’ve got that innocent yet strangely perilous gaze staring back down at you. Next is Gen, who is a dancer, and had a physique that would definitely bring more ladies to these shoots. I only managed to get shots of him with his shirt on though – sorry ladies.