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BOSS Coffee Campaign for ANZ

BOSS Coffee billboard in Sydney

Late last year I was contacted by Peter Grasse, the man behind Mr Positive, a fantastic production agency helping overseas clients to set up shoots in Japan and Korea. He wanted to know if I was available to do a shoot for the launch of BOSS Coffee in the Australian and New Zealand region. I was of course stoked for the opportunity and said yes straight away.

BOSS Coffee is an ubiquitous can coffee brand here in Japan, quite well known for its domestic ad campaigns starring Tommy Lee Jones as an alien (it’s very hard to explain). I’m quite a fan of the BOSS Rainbow Blend if I am on assignment somewhere in the countryside and need a quick sugar and caffeine hit to get my head in the game. Owned by Suntory, BOSS Coffee ventured a new product line into the Australian/NZ market – both very well known for extremely high standards of coffee.

The pitch was, BOSS Coffee is the beverage that gets Japanese people through their extremely hectic day. Peter, myself and the ad agency Clemenger BBDO Sydney put our heads together to come up with a few scenes that immediately screamed Tokyo. Needless to say, Shibuya crossing came up early and stuck. After examining and discarding various other possibilities the second scenario imagined an old lady holding down a busy and packed izakaya…like a boss.

The location scout and shoot day went off without a hitch – I was shooting stills and also jumped in to handle the lighting for the video component, which was handled by the very competent Andy Nagashima and Anna Hashimoto of Cutting Edge Tokyo. Above and below you can see some alternate layouts that didn’t make the cut, as well as some outtakes from the day.

The talent was an absolute joy to work with in both scenarios! Such a pleasure working with an amazing international team to bring it all together in one short afternoon. Special thanks must go to Brian Masato Kobo from Tokyo Colors, who originally passed my name on to Peter, as well.