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A Book! Kimono Now by Manami Okazaki

Here’s a philosophical question: if a tree falls in the forest but no one’s around to hear it, does it still make a sound?

Answer: Yes of course it fucking does.

Just like if you write a post for your blog and nobody’s around to read it, doesn’t mean it somehow doesn’t exist. It’s there all right; it’s just unpopular.

I’m kind of on a blogging roll at the moment, which is to say that I’ve made at least 1 post per month so far, which for me is a fairly regular basis. This at least means that the amount of blog posts I’ve made this year has surpassed the amount of people who actually read this blog (I’d say hi to my mum at this point but I’m certain even she doesn’t stop by here). Anyway, I know this sort of talk this doesn’t really befit an aspirant to the title of BEST FOTO BLOG EVARR but hey, things are things, and sometimes it’s alright to talk about things.

Here’s another question: if you shoot a photo and nobody bothers to look at it, does it still mean that a light sensitive surface was exposed to a convergence of light caused by a transmissive optical device for a precisely timed interval?

Answer: Yes of course it does. Just because no one’s looking at it doesn’t mean your photo never happened; it just doesn’t have any likes on Instagram.

The follow up question, and perhaps the more important one is: does it matter if no one is looking at your photos?

There’s a less definitive answer to that. I personally don’t have an opinion either way. Look or don’t look, it’s a free country. I generally shoot photos solely to please myself. I’ve mentioned it before but it’s akin to baseball cards. I like the process of collecting them (photos, that is) more than I like showing them off, but I also like it when someone looks at my collection and appreciates the time that’s gone into putting it together. I’m a little single-minded like that so it’s actually a pleasant surprise when I am reminded that indeed my photos actually are appearing in publications and stuff where completely random people can see them.

Of course, I know abstractly at the time of commissioning that my photos are going to be used on some pages somewhere in the world, but I never remember to ask for tearsheets and I hardly ever get sent a copy of the publication, so oftentimes I don’t even know which photo was used. But anyway, recently I received one such publication in which quite a few of my photos were used and I have to say it looks awesome .

The book in question is ‘Kimono Now’ by Okazaki Manami and is a real visual treat, going into the A-Zs of kimono production, fashion, history and contemporary culture. There are many great photos inside by many talented photographers, and somehow yours truly managed to be included.

I’ll be posting outtakes from the various cool shoots in the coming months (or years, depending on how I go) but for now here are some tearsheets and a photo of the cover so you know what to look for in case you feel like buying it!


Tokyo Photographer Irwin Wong - Kimono Now, a book (1)

Tokyo Photographer Irwin Wong - Kimono Now, a book (2)

Tokyo Photographer Irwin Wong - Kimono Now, a book (3)

Tokyo Photographer Irwin Wong - Kimono Now, a book (4)

Tokyo Photographer Irwin Wong - Kimono Now, a book (5)

Tokyo Photographer Irwin Wong - Kimono Now, a book (7)