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Yoyogi Boxing Gym

Here’s another batch of photos shot at a recent workshop I held in Yoyogi, Tokyo.  The great thing about teaching photography in Tokyo is that you are always surprised at who will become willing subjects for your students – this time it was  student Rob Piazza who introduced this boxing gym to us, so we were very lucky to have two obliging and aspiring boxers to pose for us.

We used Nikon speedlights (a combination of SB-800s and SB-900s) to illuminate our subjects with Honl snoots and the Orbis ringflash for the second and third photo.  Great fun was had by all – especially the boxers, who were very much getting into the spirit of things, as you can see from the last photo!

Lighting workshops run every weekend – this week:  Lighting 101 for those who need a primer on flash to begin feeling confident about it.  Email if you feel like checking it out. Thanks to everyone who keeps coming out to these workshops – it’s always great to be in a creative atmosphere full of people who share your passion.  Hope to see you at the next one!

Tokyo Photographer Irwin Wong (3)

Tokyo Photographer Irwin Wong (1)

Tokyo Photographer Irwin Wong (2)



  1. Really nice series of photos, a mix or reportage, portraiture and a wee dash of fashion as well, great stuff.

    I’d heard about your teaching sessions through Alfie’s site, but I stumbled across your excellent website and blog today for the first time. You’ve got a great body of work behind you and it sounds like things are going well for you, well done on making the transition from teaching to full time photography.

    It’s excellent you are teaching about lighting, something a lot of people underestimate. Over the last year I’ve been using more strobes for off shoe shooting and I’ve been loving it, still got more to learn though (when do we ever stop learning though).



    • admin says

      Thanks Will – I always appreciate comments like that! Drop me a line if you have any questions or want to chat. Cheers

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