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Yoyogi Boxing Gym

Here’s another batch of photos shot at a recent workshop I held in Yoyogi, Tokyo.  The great thing about teaching photography in Tokyo is that you are always surprised at who will become willing subjects for your students – this time it was  student Rob Piazza who introduced this boxing gym to us, so we were very lucky to have two obliging and aspiring boxers to pose for us. We used Nikon speedlights (a combination of SB-800s and SB-900s) to illuminate our subjects with Honl snoots and the Orbis ringflash for the second and third photo.  Great fun was had by all – especially the boxers, who were very much getting into the spirit of things, as you can see from the last photo! Lighting workshops run every weekend – this week:  Lighting 101 for those who need a primer on flash to begin feeling confident about it.  Email if you feel like checking it out. Thanks to everyone who keeps coming out to these workshops – it’s always great to be in a …

The Importance of Having Watt-Seconds

One of my biggest concerns with my speedlighting kit is whether I’ll have enough flash power to make a dent in broad daylight. Of course, using large lights is always an option but not always feasible unless you have a gimp to carry around several battery packs and heads. So when someone suggested we do a couple of shots into the high 2pm afternoon sun, I looked at my two speedlights and knew it wasn’t going to work.  Of course, I didn’t figure on the small armada of Nikon speedlights the students had brought with them, which in total added up to 6 or 7, I can’t remember. What followed was a small debacle that ended up with a forest of tripods and lightstands divided into two groups. The strobes were ganged up to overpower the bright midday sun and it was enough to beat down the daylight enough to get a dramatic mood going. This really demonstrates the importance of having enough flash power, as a shot like this wouldn’t have been possible with …

3 lights, 1 chair

Behold veteran journalist and media personality Torigoe Shuntaro. This is a cover shot for the magazine of the Tokyo American Club, for some kind of article.  I’m usually not very well apprised of the story but I always do my research on my subjects.  Gotta have something to talk to your subject about, so you seem in control while you inwardly tear out your hair and curse your lack of lighting skill. Fortunately the mountains of research I did on this fellow didn’t get a chance to be employed because during a rather long interview I had the chance to test the yin-yang out of the lighting so that Mr. Torigoe could just walk in, sit down and have his photo taken. For this shot we had the trinity of Nikon speedlights working in perfect union.  There’s one SB-900, 800 and 600 used in this photo. No tweaking in photoshop except for a little sharpening and levels.    

Marissa @ abandoned train yard

Some shots from the weekend. Sorry for the late update guys, but things have been getting busier. This is Marissa – and as is fairly evident she does a great job modeling. The location was the industrial complex at Ougimachi, where there was an excellent section of unused train track for shooting. At least, we were hoping it was unused – no one ended up under a train so that was a good thing.        

Teva and Gen – Workshop

Big thanks to all who attended the session on Sunday!  As is always the case it’s the models and the students who provide the most creative energy, with me just sitting around in the background fiddling with lights.  Occasionally I do get to take the odd shot though, and here’s a couple from the workshop. Here’s a shot of first-time model Teva – you wouldn’t believe it was her first time in front of a camera, would you? Very difficult to concentrate looking through a lens when you’ve got that innocent yet strangely perilous gaze staring back down at you. Next is Gen, who is a dancer, and had a physique that would definitely bring more ladies to these shoots. I only managed to get shots of him with his shirt on though – sorry ladies.

Nourah – Workshop

Had a studio session on Saturday that I’ve been looking forward to for ages.  I was lucky enough to get a hold of professional belly dance instructor and dancer Nourah, who is seriously amazing to see perform. I’ve been privileged to work with Nourah before, but this is the first time I’ve gotten her into a studio to myself, and to her credit she just looked amazing in front of the camera. Many thanks to Justin and Alex for coming along and another special thanks to Justin for lending his SB900. Here are some of the shots:   Did this with three lights – 1 SB900 in a snoot pointed at her face from camera left 1/32 power, 1 SB800 bounced into a reflector for fill from the lens axis at 1/8 power, and 1 red-gelled SB-900 behind the sheer piece of fabric at 1/2 power.  1/250 sec at f6.3, though that might have changed as we fiddled around with things. These shots are some of my favourites from the session.  Used a 24″ Apollo …