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Maki Kaji – Father of Sudoku

I’m lucky in my job to be able to meet all sorts of different people and figure out different ways to shoot them.  Some of them are people who do interesting things, some of them are just plain hot. Others are pretty influential. Maki Kaji – the ‘father of Sudoku’ – has been fairly influential in the fact that he was the one who took the budding puzzle ‘number place’, refined it and re-released it to the world as the now ubiquitous puzzle sudoku.  Because of him, plane trips have never seemed shorter, long sessions on the toilet have become more bearable, and millions of hours in lost productivity have been racked up as employees steal away the hours of their soulless desk jobs to sink into the quagmire of nine-by-nine induced bliss. Truly, a man to be applauded.

I didn’t get a lot of time with him – and only was able to squeeze off five shots – of which this was the last.  I saw him make this face and requested him do it again, as I thought the expression of playful concentration suited the chain-smoking, errant genius who loved puzzles and gambling – not to mention the guy who in his spare time created a puzzle to rival the crossword and rubics cube in popularity.

Strobist Freaks:

Gridded SB800 behind Kaji-san pointed at the wall about four feet behind him. The wall was golden coloured but went white no matter what I did – oh well. Key-light was an SB900 in a 24″ westcott softbox held close and over his face.  The halo around the top of his head is as it was shot – I didn’t add it in post. I think it’s just one of those happy accidents that happen every now and then.

Tokyo Photographer Irwin Wong (1)


Tokyo Photographer Irwin Wong (2)


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