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Honda Keisuke – Soccer

Earlier this year I had the rare privilege to photograph a very well known Japanese footballista , Honda Keisuke. He’s a superstar in Japan, scoring goals in the South Africa world cup, and since I’m a huge fan of the current Japanese national football team it was a real pleasure to meet him.

As is generally the case with a person of this celebrity, his time was initially quite limited but once he warmed up and started chatting he seemed to forget about the time and we ended up hanging around for about an hour. Pretty neat, and the ability to openly engage with your subject is one of the main reasons I really love doing portrait photography.  Not everyday I get to explain to a famous Japanese soccer player how I ended up doing magazine photography in Japan (a story for this blog some day, to be sure).

Lighting wise:

We were stuck in a really small conference room with the blue colored walls that you can see. Luckily, blue happens to be the main color of the Japanese football team so I decided to leave that, and focus on getting achieving the intense lighting that I had envisioned from the beginning.  This was a two-light setup.  cI used an SB-unit in a Lumiquest Softbox III (see what’s in my bag here) for the main light, as I’ve come to rely on the directional but diffuse light that it produces. The fill was a 43″ umbrella behind me.  All in all the lighting was pretty much as I had set out to achieve but next time I go for this look I hope to have a dish for my Profotos. A bit too expensive right now, unfortunately.

That’s it from me for now, I’ll be back with more posts soon!

Tokyo Photographer Irwin Wong | Honda Keisuke (1)

Tokyo Photographer Irwin Wong | Honda Keisuke (2)


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