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Girls with swords – Takase Dojo

The other month I was sent to photograph Takano-sensei of Takase Dojo, which is a unique installation in Shinjuku that teaches women the fine art of theatrical swordplay. ‘Only women?’ you say?  Yes – it’s a great non-threatening environment for girls to get fit, socialize and learn how to split a man in half from face to navel.  This kind of place is what makes living in Tokyo truly amazing – I don’t know if there is anywhere else in the world where you can step into a dojo and see a troupe of women clashing katana. Awesome ^_^

Lighting-wise: 1 x Profoto D1 @ Camera right in 24″ softbox, 1 x Nikon SB-900 @ camera left behind subject for some separation on the left side.

Takase Dojo Katana


  1. Princess G. says

    You have AMAZING WORK!!!
    Moving to Tokyo next month. Let me know if you ever need an assistant. I work for sushi:) have a great day!

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