Irwin Wong is an editorial photographer based in Tokyo. He specializes in portrait photography and is known for his ability to reliably deliver thematic, characteristic portraits regardless of the situation. Fluent in both English and business Japanese, he currently accepts commissions from both domestic Japanese magazines and a wide variety of foreign media. In between his creative endeavors he likes to watch the commentary tracks on DVDs and is extremely competitive at video games.<br/>

To hire Irwin, enquire about his rates, or just say hi, please send an email directly to irwin@irwinwong.com. You can follow him via his blog, or through twitter @irwinwong.

Past clients include (in no particular order):

Turkish Airlines (Turkey)
Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong)
Jetstar (Australia)
All Nippon Airways (Japan)
Elsevier (Holland)
XL Semenal (Spain)
Isetan Department Stores (Japan)
Polygon.com (America)
Forbes (America)
The Hollywood Reporter (America)
Top Gear Magazine (UK)
The Australian (Australia)
The Times Magazine (UK)
Lixil (Japan)
Asahi Shuppan (Japan)
Prestel (Germany)
Credit Suisse (Switzerland)
Youtube Japan (Japan)
Hasselblad Japan (Japan)
The Wall Street Journal (America)
South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)
Blueprint Magazine (UK)
Car Design News (UK)

amongst others


  1. Great pics!
    I’m brazilian, I live next from Porto Alegre, in the south of Brazil. I saw your pictures and the photojournalism about the tragic Tsunami on the last year it’s very sentimental, still more in BW, it reflects very on the human life with the bravery of the nature.


  2. Antonio Coyle says

    Hey Irwin. So I’ll be in toky from July 24th till August 5th and I want to get some photos taken of myself. People keep suggesting that I pursue modeling so I just wanted to play around and see where it takes me. I took a glance at your portfolio and it looks really fun and you look extremely talented. I’m 6 feet 2 inches and 150 lbs. I was thinking of a night photo shoot of full body and upper half of my hody with the background being tokyo city lights or something of that type. Something with a dark look to it but still exciting. I was thinking of most likely wearing a fitted suit or black jeans and a leather jacket but still undecided. It would be great if you could provide me with pricing of your service. Again my email is coyledesu@gmail.com thanks you irwin!

  3. seng chusheng says

    i am from singapore and would like to enquire how much do u charge for a one day pre wedding shoot in tokyo?
    do u have any link up for the rental of bridal gown and suit as well? thanks

  4. Joanna says

    Hi there Irwin,

    I was refered by Dave Powell and I’m looking into having a photographer cover a corporate event my company is hosting in Tokyo on 21 Nov, 2013. Kindly let me know whether you’ll be available?

    Thank you.

  5. James Deigert says

    Yours is the best photographer’s blog I’ve encountered.
    Your entertaining prose reveals what it takes to be a photographer.

  6. Robert Sherrow says

    Enjoyed your unabashedly biased review of the Zeiss Loxia 35. I’ve had the lens for about six months and have had an ongoing love-hate relationship with this fickle little German import since it arrived. For me it has been like having a Bavarian mistress who treats you like a dog with neglect one minute and amazes you with grace and beauty the next. I’ve cursed this lens for not having auto focus like it’s Batis brothers when not nailing an impromptu shot and tried every 35mm focal length for e-mount available to replace her. But they all go back, not measuring up to her sleek build and consistent results. Screw it, I guess I’m in love…

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