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3 lights, 1 chair

Behold veteran journalist and media personality Torigoe Shuntaro.

This is a cover shot for the magazine of the Tokyo American Club, for some kind of article.  I’m usually not very well apprised of the story but I always do my research on my subjects.  Gotta have something to talk to your subject about, so you seem in control while you inwardly tear out your hair and curse your lack of lighting skill.

Fortunately the mountains of research I did on this fellow didn’t get a chance to be employed because during a rather long interview I had the chance to test the yin-yang out of the lighting so that Mr. Torigoe could just walk in, sit down and have his photo taken.

For this shot we had the trinity of Nikon speedlights working in perfect union.  There’s one SB-900, 800 and 600 used in this photo. No tweaking in photoshop except for a little sharpening and levels.

Tokyo Photographer Irwin Wong




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